Monday, 3 March 2014

sketch-a-day > week 3 & 4

Dear and welcome all,

I thought it was going to be easier to commit and sketch daily but is not always that easy. Not being able to sketch in the past couple of weeks I feel a bit disappointed with myself!

Zoë, our daughter is already 4 months old and full of life and character. She keeps me really busy plus all the unpacking that we still have after our recent move. Crazy times!!

Last week I only committed to one design for a new competition in two free nights that Zoë allowed me. Here is the entry and link to vote if you would like to support my design for the new Mii SEAT by Mango. Voting starts March 5, 2014. THANK YOU!!

Bye bye for now, time for a feed ... These are the days!! ;-)