Friday, 31 May 2013

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Hi all,

I have fantastic news but forgive me because I have been a bit flattered out these past months as we are expecting our first child and it has been so far all an adventure! Now feeling much better and still four month and a half to go ;-)

The second great news is that I MADE IT In the TOP 3 in the Kleenex competition and my IKAT FLORAL won along with another couple of beautiful ones. I was so chuffed when a friend told me I could not believe it... But hey! if you work hard at the end, at some point, you get your reward!

I am also sharing here my last trend board I created today. I hope it will serve you of any kind of inspiration.

And also, I am attaching the link to the last ISSUE OF MOYO MAGAZINE (4).

Enjoy the weekend!!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Kleenex Contest > TOP 10

 Hello all,

I am so chuffed this week because my IKAT FLORAL that I sent for the Kleenex competition got into the top 10!! And now I am asking for more votes to get into the TOP 3 ;-)
If I manage, my design will be along with the other two winners in the shelves of UK shops from October 2013...Amazing!!

Express your style by voting for your favourite design here:

There are beautiful designs. To vote for mine, you vote for Ikat Floral by Gloria Urech :-)

Thank you so much x