Monday, 28 January 2013

Books and Doors

Last few days I have been organizing my books in our studio and also purchasing some others in Amazon from our wish list. Since I am part of The Little White Book and linked to so many talented women around the world, my passion in sharing things have also increased so I created new boards for our Pinterest page.

One is about of

some I have them already, some I would like to welcome. the best way for me to keep all the records is visually and Pinterest for that it is amazing, not only with images but with the links to the places are from.


Another is about
Doors I Like
I always found a fascination for doors and wherever I travel, I always take photographs of these beauties... Is a portal of connections between two world (outside and inside)... and some of them, are really precious works of art. even if it is a simple door alone. However, as I am attracted by colour, shapes and textures...there is, most of the times, an element that captures my attention to detail.

Happy Pinning!!

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