Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In a Zen Garden

I am so inspired by Nature in my designs and in my life. I am also inspired by beauty, zen, and the beauty of traditional Japanese culture.

Last year I found a little article about In a Zen Garden book by Judith Glover in a magazine and it was kept in my agenda until I found the right moment to purchase this beautiful book.

I just arrived to my door and as I was opening I felt so blessed. It is full of beautiful illustrations made by Judith Glover as this was her first book. A delicacy for designers really.

Also, I have my own little zen garden at home, as one of my sisters gave it to me as a present when I move to UK :-)

With this, I remember my love for ikebana and the meaning behind it. "Kebana" means "bring cut flowers into life again" and to do it, the artist needs to observe the natural development of the vegetation itself.

In Ikebana, the flowers, leaves and branches need to be in complete harmony with the container where it will be set the floral arrangement.

Here, are some samples of my Ikebana arrangement, a beautiful expression of my art.

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