Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Art of Licensing

I just found and joined this group in LinkedIn: The Art of Licensing.

A LinkedIn networking group dedicated to Artists, Illustrators, Designers, Product Manufacturers, and Licensing Agents in the ART LICENSING industry.
Network, exchange helpful ideas, links & resources, report on trade shows, trends, share info on marketing, copyrighting & licensing processes.

Through your network you can:
  • Find potential clients, service providers, subject experts, and partners who come recommended
  • Be found for business opportunities
  • Search for great jobs
  • Discover inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals
  • Post and distribute job listings
  • Find high-quality passive candidates
  • Get introduced to other professionals through the people you know
  • LinkedIn has NO COST to join.
LinkedIn is a wonderful place to nurture your business relationships. If you don’t know about LinkedIn, it is worth checking out.I am part of it since almost three years now and I built a great community of connections, because I believe in the Power of Connections. Most business grow thanks to the mouth-to-mouth action. So why not give it a try?
Keep on connecting!


  1. thanks for sharing this post Gloria x

  2. My pleasure Gill, is always nice to share good things for great artists ;-)

  3. Thank you so much Gloria! I have signed up and completed most of my profile for Linkedin, but have yet to fully commit to it. This has given me the added push. Thanks, Julie

  4. Thank you Julie,
    I am happy to know that it is of any help.

  5. Yhank you, Gloria. I will have a go.

  6. I guess it worth a try Bethania.
    Thank for stopping by :-)