Monday, 4 February 2013

--- A Field Guide to --- FABRIC DESIGN

This is a book I have been contemplating to buy for a year now and I finally made my decision as a present for my birthday last month.
The book is full of illustrations and tutorials.It is well divided into three sections:
1. Design and Colour
2. Printing
3. The world of Fabric design

It has been elaborated so nicely and with the work contributions of some designers I follow and that has been so inspiring for me in the last couple of years:
Heather Moore, Jessica Swift, Melanie Bowles, Amy Butler and many more ***

It is a book for those people who are beginners or already into the Fabric Design Field and want as me, create their own signature and develop a great portfolio and perhaps a way of living by selling your products.

I have purchased mine in amazon and it was good price and fast delivery :-) Yee peee
You can have a look in this link for further info and details of this book.

This book is a Feast in Fabric Design!


  1. Wow interesting! Maybe it will be my birthday present too!

  2. Thank you for your message Florencia :-)
    I had a quick look into the book and I think it worth the money!
    Hope you will enjoy it too x

  3. thanks Gloria. I am a confessed bookaholic and this one is on my list now.