Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SHIBORI Inspiration

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My mind is again with Japan and its culture and its way to make art since last week I discovered a new company called Ôtsuki Sama. I love all the things that they do and as they said in their facebook page:

Creative Crafts and use of natural materials for limited editions of fabrics patterns painted in watercolor shades of indigo fabrics and other natural essences, 
decorative accessories and fashion, hand-made."

So inspired in their Indigo fabrics my mind swift again into the Art of Shibori.

Shibori (絞り染め Shiborizome?) is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing it, or capping. Some of these methods are known in the West as tie-dye.

Inspired by this, yesterday I created a New Inspiration Board: SHIBORI.

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  1. Thank you for your publication. I'm glad you got such a grat inspiration !
    Hope Ôtsuki Sama will surprise you again and again !
    Valerie Laudier for Ôtsuki Sama

  2. Thank you very much Valerie!
    I really love Ôtsuki Sama products :-)