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[blog lovin' tour] CELEBRATION

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My natural instinct is to celebrate. I like to share with people and come together in a joyous life.
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I like to celebrate any success that comes to me life. I prefer to do it in company, sharing the moment, however, if I am alone, I normally cook myself a delicious food which make me feel re-energetic and full of good vibes again. I also like to share with my family and friends, making them part of this "special occasion", no matter if it is big or small success, or if they are near or far away. My true nature is share moments with people.

Celebrations are very important part of my life. I came from a big family and I always remember with joy all the gathering together with the family. Those "little precious moments" are a real treasure for my soul. Also I lived in different countries, with great people from different cultures and I learn a lot. I had good memories of friends coming together to celebrate a moment in life around a table with awesome food, laughs and happiness.

I had some favorite celebratory experiences. One it was my mum 60´s birthday fete. She was very pretty and charming and the place was full of colours, delicious food and friends and family joining together to celebrate her big day. I remember, me and my partner cooking an "English breakfast" with the help of my cousin Yolanda, in the morning, for all the guests. Was very special! The celebration went all day long, with music, laughs and lots of bliss.

Another real and simple celebration was last Sunday when my partner and I harvest our first bunch of own grown potatoes and cooking them simply. Eating them was just a very merry moment!

Some days if I am in a "grey mood" I try to ask myself what is holding myself in that position and if there is no real reason, I try to let that feeling go, listening nice music, drawing, going for a walk or having a chat with my mum or a friend. 

My work is also a celebration of myself, sometimes hard others smooth, I try to think positively and keep on going, thinking big. I like to share every success and share my knowledge and achievements with people. We always learn something and if is in a celebration, ever better.

One of my recent mentors, told me once:
"Today is another day in Paradise!" and I add: "let´s do the best of it!"

Celebrations don´t need to be big ceremonies, the small ones are real treasures too :-)

My personal declaration around celebration could be:
"no matter what you are, what you have, where you are... get yourself into a group of people and celebrate little or big occasions because these will bring you what you really need at that moment. And if you are alone, do something for yourself that really pleases you!"

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Keep on celebrating and sharing!!

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