Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Black and White project - Week 1

Thanks for stopping by :-)

As I mentioned last week, I am taking part of  "The Black and White project", launched by a friend and artist Deborah A. Velásquez, in which us, and the people that join along, will be creating pieces of art, in Black and White media. The purpose of this project is to create a 30 minute sketch every day and to share it in our social media under these hashtags #artdaily2015 #sketchaday #sketchbook

So if you would like to join us in this venture, you need to add the hashtags above, either you post in facebook, instagram, pinterest, your web, etc..

Here are my sketchs of this week 1, hope you would like them and leave a comment.

And tonight, nothing comes, I am afraid! Need a proper sleep :-)
Thank you! My best wishes for a great week ahead.
Happy days!!

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