Monday, 5 January 2015

The Black and White Sketchbook project.

Happy New Year 2015!
And thanks for stopping by :-)

Last year I dedicated most of my time to rise and care about our new daughter Zoë. Life has been a huge challenge for me since because I barely had any help and so far so good, inside of me, I have the feeling of success as a mother. If you are one of us, you will know how many sacrifices you need to do in order to rise a good, healthy and happy child. If you didn´t join yet motherhood, the only thing I can advise you is to make sure that your partner have the same thoughts as you in rising a child or becoming parents, otherwise, you will face many critical moments.

When I was younger, I used to draw often and I used to enjoy quite a lot.

Gukuuki was created to fulfill projects in full colour and so I think, I deliver this during the past years. However, lately, something inside of myself urge the need to come back to my "roots of drawing" and allow me the time for myself to do create that space in my daily routine.

As everybody says: "NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!" 2015 is here with a new challenge, goal, name it as you want...

It happened recently, that a friend and artist Deborah A. Velásquez has launched "The Black and White project " in which she will be painting and or sketching everyday. She will be using black and or white media leaving the substrate open as a color option. Deborah was inspired by her friend and fellow artist @augustwren who does a 30 minute sketch daily. She have done a few sketchbook projects in the past and they are a wonderful way to create daily.

So here we are!! I decided to join Deborah in this project and donate to myself those 30 minutes a day to draw or paint, just as a medicine for my soul!

I have to thanks Deborah for creating her challenge because it has become my challenge too ;-)

Today is my start, so here is my first sketch - Day #5.

I will be posting my sketches in my Facebook page and weekly in this blog.

You can follow Deborah in her Facebook page here:

Happy days!!


  1. Really fab! It is quite fun! I need to get into the groove as I make it part of my day and try not to spend too much over thinking! Glad you doing it!

  2. I really enjoyed and 30 minutes a day is not that difficult to put it aside for something we love to do. Happy in joining you in this venture :) such a pleasure!! Thanks a lot x

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