Monday, 25 February 2013

Great Inspiration: Angie Lewin´s work

 One day I was walking in Norwich with some friends and walking into a bookstore I discovered this little jewel: "Angie Lewin: Plants and Places" and I started to dream awake. I love plants, flowers and anything botanical really, so looking through the pages of this printmaking artist living in Norfolk.

The simplicity and the delicacy of her work it is fascinating for me. Her signature is unique and so distinctive and I would love to join one of her workshops if she does them.

Following there are some of the prints I most like it.

I also adore her prints translated in to textiles which you can see in her website... and find her unique work in facebook too :-)

Keep on designing and enjoy the week ahead!


  1. I swoon a little at her work too! So beautiful. I love the look of those printing blocks too. Thanks Gloria! Julie

  2. Hi Julie,
    a real pleasure in sharing this post and the mutual passion for Angie´s work.
    Have a nice weekend :-)