Friday, 1 March 2013

EFUTO *** Spring

Today is a celebration with myself, a day that makes a difference...and why is so that special?

Today is 1st of March and we have 20 days before SPRING will arrive for good. 

So today I decided to join a local Art studio and start drawing for good again because since I left behind my Art studio in Madrid (which I fondly miss) I didn´t do much and it is my passion, what I really love to do. Those couple of hours are the time with myself and my media. The Stevenage Art Centre organize a couple of exhibitions a year where people can sell what they have exhibited, which also will do so good to me.

Last Wednesday I had a coffee with my friend Gwyneth and I think unconsciously, she ignited in me the action to join the Art Studio again as we talked  about art, my designs and to go together to the Letchworth ARTS centre next week so perhaps I can also exhibit there in the future too. I really appreciate people like her in my life.

Today I started a drawing that will become a one of the patterns I am working at the moment for SS14 and also part of a project I am doing with my Print & Pattern group. It is called EFUTO *** Spring and I need to decorate a plain envelope and send it by mail to a person on the list that have been selected randomly.

I will be sending my Efuto to Ludmila Adams and receiving another one from Lisa Rivas :-)

This great project was started by Gill Eggleston last Christmas when I joined the Print & Pattern group and people around the world they were sending beautiful Efutos. If by now you are curious to know what an EFUTO is, you can read more here.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

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