Thursday, 14 February 2013

HaPPy LoVe Day :-)

Today is a special occasion to give LOVE to any one not only to your Valentine * 
I write this list with samples from one of my faves Meditations @ the Chopra Centre :-)
Enjoy today!

Call that long lost friend
Forgive a parent
Forgive a child
Forgive an ex
Forgive yourself
Smile at someone
Text someone you are struggling with
Meet someone for breakfast
Write in someone´s facebook wall
Treat someone today
Send this meditation for someone struggling
Open a save account
Buy someone a book that moves you
Hug someone 
Watch a sunset
Laugh out loud
Meditate with a friend
Hold someone´s hand
Buy a co-worker a cup of tea
Smell a flower
Hug a tree
Rescue an animal
Go bed early
Eat healthy for a week
Light a candle for someone has pass on
SMILE at the World Today

*and if you want to purchase this print click here :-)

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